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The Best Crypto Exchanges in India: A Comprehensive Guide 2022

If you are looking to trade cryptocurrencies in India, you will find yourself in the company of plenty of other investors who are just as curious and excited as you are.

Given the widespread popularity of crypto, it comes as no surprise that crypto exchanges are popping up all over the place. But not all exchanges are created equal, so it is important to do your research before opening an account with one of these companies.

Below, we break down five of the most reliable crypto exchanges operating in India today. If you are looking to trade cryptocurrency, this should be your first stop.


Cryptocurrency is on the rise, with a number of crypto exchanges popping up all over the world. In order to make sense of this influx of information, we have compiled a list of the best crypto exchanges for trading various cryptocurrencies.

We hope that this list will help you make an educated decision about which exchange to choose based on your specific needs.

1. BTCXIndia

BTXindia is one of the best crypto exchanges in India to buy and sell bitcoins. It offers a highly secure platform, some of the lowest fees in the industry, and features an extensive list of coins. The exchange is also compatible with most modern web browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Let’s take a look:

  • Lowest Fees – BTCXIndia has the lowest fees when compared to any other Bitcoin exchange operating today. With trade fees starting at 0% and withdrawal fees starting at 0%*, you can be assured that your funds are safe with BTCXIndia.
  • Wide Range of Currencies – BTCXIndia offers trading pairs for a wide range of cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, and commodities.
  • Smooth Order Execution – One of the biggest reasons traders prefer using BTCXIndia is because it offers an easy-to-use interface where users can quickly buy or sell Bitcoins at their desired price point without going through a cumbersome order process.
  • Highly Secured Site – BTCXIndia was one of the first crypto exchanges to introduce a 2FA system back in 2016, which made it one of the most secure platforms available today.
  • Reliable Customer Support Service – 24/7 customer support from multilingual representatives ensures that traders have access to assistance whenever they need it.

2. Zebpay

It is the most popular and well-known exchange in the country.

  • It offers trading for Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and Ethereum.
  • Zebpay has mobile apps for both Android and iOS that make it easy to trade on the go.
  • It also allows users to cash out Bitcoins by using NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, or UPI payments.
  • It supports multiple languages including English, Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil.
  • The company charges a fee of 1% per transaction which is slightly higher than some other exchanges but not too high either.
    They also have ICO platform as well.

3. WazirX

WazirX is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in India. It was founded by Arjun Handa and launched in September 2018 with a vision to develop a world-class, blockchain-powered platform for cryptocurrency trade.

  • It offers trading pairs for several cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Monero.
  • WazirX also provides users with a mobile wallet that allows them to store their crypto assets safely and securely on the go.
  • Users are also given the option to keep their transactions anonymous.
  • Users can buy tokens using Indian rupees (INR) or USD via bank transfer or NEFT/RTGS payment modes. They can then convert these tokens into other cryptocurrencies and vice versa.

One good thing about this platform is that it has partnered with more than 20 national banks in order to allow its customers to make deposits using both Rupee and USD transfers.

4. CoinSwitch

CoinSwitch is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in India. It supports more than 300 cryptocurrencies, offers a robust trading interface and has an excellent customer support team that can help with any queries. CoinSwitch also makes it easy to track trades with its live trade updates feature.

All you need to do is select Live Trade Updates from the dropdown menu on your account page and you will be able to see all your recent trades updated on a real-time basis.

Furthermore, CoinSwitch offers instant transaction speed. This means there are no long waiting periods while transactions are verified. Withdrawals are processed immediately as well so users don’t have to wait around for days or weeks before they receive their funds.

5. BuyUCoin

BuyUCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange based out of India. It was founded in 2015, and it has been steadily gaining popularity ever since.

BuyUCoin supports over 50 cryptocurrencies, and it also offers trading pairs with Indian Rupees (INR).

The biggest advantage of using BuyUCoin is that traders do not need to verify their identity before they can start trading. This makes it one of the most popular exchanges for newbies.

Final Words

If you are looking to trade cryptocurrencies, the Indian market is a great place to start. It is not nearly as oversaturated with exchanges as other regions of the world are, and there are plenty of excellent options for trading.

You should have no problem finding an exchange that suits your needs and offers competitive pricing. There are plenty of factors to consider when choosing which exchange is right for you.

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